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Automobile Grill Trivia
<font size='+2'>Cadillac Eldorado<br>(1956-1957)</font> <font size='+2'>Ford<br>(1936)</font> <font size='+2'>Edsel<br>[THE HORSE COLLAR]<br>(1959)</font> <font size='+2'>Plymouth<br>(1958)</font> <font size='+2'>Buick Electra<br>[CHROMED BON-BONS]<br>(1958-1959)</font> <font size='+2'>Lincoln Continental<br>(1960)</font> <font size='+2'>DeSoto<br>(1961)</font> <font size='+2'>Studebaker<br>[LOST IT'S PROP]<br>(1951)</font> <font size='+2'>Jaguar XK<br>(1948-1954)</font> <font size='+2'>Chevrolet Corvette<br>[BRACES]<br>(1958)</font> <font size='+2'>Chevrolet Trucks<br>(1930s)</font> <font size='+2'>Cord<br>[LUXURY COFFIN]<br>(1934-1937)</font> <font size='+2'>Mercury<br>(1950)</font> <font size='+2'>Pontiac<br>[CHROME ON CHROME]<br>(1953)</font> <font size='+2'>Chevrolet<br>(1932)</font> <font size='+2'>Pontiac GTO<br>[THE GOAT]<br>(1964)</font> <font size='+2'>Willys Overland<br>[BUG EYES]<br>(1939)</font> <font size='+2'>Ford<br>(1938)</font> <font size='+2'>Chevrolet<br>[BIG MOUTH]<br>(1955)</font> <font size='+2'>Ford Thunderbird<br>(1960)</font> <font size='+2'>Checker Marathon<br>[MILLION MILER}<br>(1962-1973)</font> <font size='+2'>Chevrolet<br>(1962)</font> <font size='+2'>DeSoto<br>[THE TEETH]<br>(1953)</font> <font size='+2'>Nash<br>(1940)</font> <font size='+2'>Volkswagen Type 1<br>[THE BEETLE]<br>(1938-1953)</font> <font size='+2'>Dodge Charger<br>(1966-1967)</font> <font size='+2'>Chevrolet Corvette<br>(1953)</font> <font size='+2'>Plymouth Barracuda<br>(1971)</font> <font size='+2'>Oldsmobile<br>[THE FROWN]<br>(1946-1947)</font> <font size='+2'>Lincoln Continental<br>(1940-1941)</font> <font size='+2'>Citroën 2CV<br>[DEUX CHEVEUX or DOLLY]<br>(1948-1969)</font> <font size='+2'>Hudson Terraplane<br>(1934)</font> <font size='+2'>Pontiac Trans-Am<br>[SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT]<br>(1977-1978)</font> <font size='+2'>Buick<br>(1924-1925)</font> <font size='+2'>Chrysler Airflow<br>(1934)</font> <font size='+2'>Cadillac<br>[THE WAFFLE IRON]<br>(1941)</font> <font size='+2'>Stanley Steamer<br>(1921-1924)</font> <font size='+2'>Cadillac LaSalle<br>(1940-1941)</font> <font size='+2'>Chevrolet<br>(1935-1936)</font> <font size='+2'>Duesenberg Model J<br>(1928-1937)</font> <font size='+2'>Graham<br>[THE SHARK NOSE]<br>(1938-1940)</font> <font size='+2'>Willys Wagon<br>(1950-1965)</font> <font size='+2'>Auburn Speedster<br>(1935-1937)</font> <font size='+2'>Imperial<br>(1958-1959)</font> <font size='+2'>BMW Isetta 600<br>[THE BUBBLE CAR]<br>(1957-1959)</font> <font size='+2'>Dodge Trucks<br>(1939-1947)</font> <font size='+2'>Delahaye<br>(1937-1939)</font> <font size='+2'>Kaiser<br>[BE HAPPY]<br>(1951-1952)</font> <font size='+2'>DeSoto<br>(1938)</font> <font size='+2'>Buick<br>(1936)</font> <font size='+2'>Alpha Romeo 6C<br>(1953-1954)</font> <font size='+2'>Crosley CC<br>[SAD EYES]<br>(1946-1948)</font> <font size='+2'>Oldsmobile<br>(1942)</font> <font size='+2'>Aston Martin<br>[BOND - JAMES BOND]<br>(1963-1965)</font> <font size='+2'>Lincoln<br>(1928-1930)</font> <font size='+2'>Cadillac<br>[THE CHEESE GRATER]<br>(1937)</font> <font size='+2'>Studebaker Hawk<br>(1963)</font> <font size='+2'>Kissel<br>[GOLD BUG]<br>(1920-1925)</font> <font size='+2'>Hudson Custom<br>(1935)</font> <font size='+2'>Just Kidding & Co.<br>[RUSTY GRILL]<br>(circa 1960)</font> <font size='+2'>Buick Special<br>(1938)</font> <font size='+2'>American Bantam<br>(1937-1941)</font> <font size='+2'>Opel GT<br>[THE BABY CORVETTE]<br>(1968-1973)</font> <font size='+2'>Chrysler<br>(1942)</font> <font size='+2'>Kaiser Henry J<br>[THE SMILE]<br>(1952-1953)</font> <font size='+2'>Nash-Healey<br>[Pininfarina Body]<br>(1952-1954)</font> <font size='+2'>Apperson Jackrabbit<br>(1915-1920)</font>

About The Club

The Antique Automobile Club of America, based in Hershey, PA. ("The Sweetest City on Earth"), was started way back in 1935 with just 14 members. It's now an international organization in every state and 50 other countries with 50,000 members and 400 local clubs. It's goal is to preserve and enjoy automotive history and vehicles of all types including cars, trucks, motorcycles, race cars and even amphibians. Frequent local and national events are held. Membership benefits include a bi-monthly, slick, full-color, 98 page magazine, called Antique Automobile, AACA Magazine an online monthly newsletter, called Speedster, online help forums, free admission to the AACA Museum, as well as participation eligibility in many tours and shows. Annual national dues are just $40 per household, plus our $20 per household local dues. Sounds like a lot but it's not when your old car benefits. The Villages Region, chartered in 2010, requires that you be a resident of The Villages (a private retirement community). You must also be a national member. Ownership of a vehicle more than 25 years old (restored or original) is not required, just interest in automotive history, design, mechanics or driving enjoyment. Simply fill out the membership application(s) and mail them in.

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