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The Villages Region AACA,   2989 Cedar Grove Loop,   The Villages, FL. 32163   (352) 751-5776.
Antique Truck Trivia
<font size='+2'>1959<br>Chevrolet Apache Fleetside<br>Pickup Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1919<br>Ford Model T<br>Depot Hack</font> <font size='+2'>1946<br>Chevrolet<br>Carryall Suburban</font> <font size='+2'>1947<br>White Custom Streamliner<br>COE Semi Beer Delivery</font> <font size='+2'>1934<br>Ford Panel Delivery</font> <font size='+2'>1929<br>Cadillac Tow Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1963-67<br>Volkswagon Deluxe<br>Samba Bus</font> <font size='+2'>1941<br>Dodge<br>Pickup Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1912<br>Ford Model T<br>Delivery Wagon</font> <font size='+2'>1970<br>Chevrolet<br>El Camino SS</font> <font size='+2'>1937<br>Ford V8 Model 79<br>Cargo Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1913<br>Ford Model T<br>Calliope Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1957<br>Chevrolet<br>3100 Pickup</font> <font size='+2'>1939<br>Ford COE Pickup<br>(Cab Over Engine)</font> <font size='+2'>1937<br>Chevrolet<br>Carryall Suburban</font> <font size='+2'>1957<br>Ford Custom 300<br>Ranchero Pickup</font> <font size='+2'>1963<br>Falcon<br>Deluxe Ranchero</font> <font size='+2'>1968-84<br>Jeep Model DJ-5<br>Dispatcher RHD Mail Delivery</font> <font size='+2'>1955<br>Chevrolet<br>Cameo Carrier Pickup</font> <font size='+2'>1934<br>Ford Model BB<br>Stake Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1942<br>Ford Super Deluxe<br>Station Wagon<br>(Woody)</font> <font size='+2'>1938<br>Chevrolet<br>Panel Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1958<br>Goggomobile TL400<br>Transporter Van</font> <font size='+2'>1969<br>Ford F-250<br>Freezer Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1929<br>Ford Model AA<br>Freezer Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1934<br>International C-30<br>Freezer Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1951<br>Ford F-8<br>Semi Tractor Trailer</font> <font size='+2'>1960<br>White Motor Co.<br>Model 5000 COE Tractor<br>(hauling 12 new Studebaker Larks)</font> <font size='+2'>1973-78<br>GMC Motorhome<br>(23' & 26' models)</font> <font size='+2'>1947<br>Cadillac (Sayers & Scovill)<br>Ambulance</font> <font size='+2'>1957<br>DeSoto Firesweep<br>Ambulance</font> <font size='+2'>1949<br>Reo Model D-19<br>Speed Wagon</font> <font size='+2'>1965<br>Divco 200C<br>Milk Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1933<br>Fageol Twin Coach Livery<br>(Twin Coach merged with Divco in 1936)</font> <font size='+2'>1936<br>GMC Futureliner</font> <font size='+2'>1938<br>International Harvester<br>Metro Van</font> <font size='+2'>1940<br>Crosley Wagon</font> <font size='+2'>1937<br>Plymouth<br>PT-50 Pickup Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1948-49<br>Mercury<br>Pickup Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1946<br>Hudson Super Six<br>Pickup Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1960<br>Willys<br>Station Wagon</font> <font size='+2'>1951<br>Dodge<br>Route Van</font> <font size='+2'>1910<br>Mack<br>Tanker Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1933-34<br>Diamond-T Doodlebug Tanker<br>(Custom Design)</font> <font size='+2'>1936<br>Hudson Terraplane<br>Cab Pickup</font> <font size='+2'>1957<br>Alfa Romero<br>Autocarro 950</font> <font size='+2'>1936<br>Ford Model 51<br>Wrecker</font> <font size='+2'>1938<br>Pontiac (Superior)<br>Hearse</font> <font size='+2'>1942<br>Buick Roadmaster<br>Flower Car</font> <font size='+2'>1935<br>Studebaker Dictator<br>Funeral Car</font> <font size='+2'>1953<br>Morgan Hearse</font> <font size='+2'>1921<br>Ford Model TT<br>Delivery Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1935<br>Dodge Brothers K-52<br>Airflow Tanker</font> <font size='+2'>1937<br>Plymouth<br>Sedan Delivery</font> <font size='+2'>1931<br>KenWorth<br>Model N Tractor</font> <font size='+2'>1948<br>AutoCar<br>Model DC-200 Tractor</font> <font size='+2'>1946<br>White 386 c.i. 6 Cyl.<br>Sleeper Tractor</font> <font size='+2'>1907<br>Chase<br>Delivery Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1919<br>Oldsmobile Model T<br>Economy Delivery Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1981<br>Citroën Type H<br>Delivery Camion</font> <font size='+2'>1949<br>Flexible Clipper<br>Intercity Bus</font> <font size='+2'>1951<br>Mercedes Benz O-3500<br>Touring Coach</font> <font size='+2'>1936-39<br>White Motor Co.<br>Model 706 Open Touing Bus<br>('Red Jammer' Glacier N. P. colors)</font> <font size='+2'>1938<br>AFC-Brill Motors<br>37 Passenger Intercity Coach</font> <font size='+2'>1915<br>International<br>Model H Hauler</font> <font size='+2'>1912-17<br>GMC Electric Hauler</font> <font size='+2'>1927<br>Graham Model DC<br>Delivery Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1911<br>Packard<br>Personnel Carrier<br>Fire Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1937<br>Ahrens-Fox<br>Pumper Fire Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1931<br>Buffalo Fire Appliance<br>Hose Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1914<br>Amrican LaFrance<br>Hook & Ladder<br>(Tandem Steering)</font> <font size='+2'>1957<br>Datsun 1000<br>Pickup</font> <font size='+2'>1928<br>GMC Motorhome<br></font> <font size='+2'>1939<br>Studebacker<br>Delivery Truck</font> <font size='+2'>1943-45<br>Studebacker<br>M29 Weasel Tractor<br>(Snow and amphibious versions)</font> <font size='+2'>1909<br>Walker Model 15<br>Electric Delivery Truck</font>

About The Club

The Antique Automobile Club of America, based in Hershey, PA. ("The Sweetest City on Earth"), was started way back in 1935 with just 14 members. It's now an international organization in every state and 50 other countries with 50,000 members and 400 local clubs. It's goal is to preserve and enjoy automotive history and vehicles of all types including cars, trucks, motorcycles, race cars and even amphibians. Frequent local and national events are held. Membership benefits include a bi-monthly, slick, full-color, 98 page magazine, called Antique Automobile, AACA Magazine an online monthly newsletter, called Speedster, online help forums, free admission to the AACA Museum, as well as participation eligibility in many tours and shows. Annual national dues are just $35 per household, plus our $20 per household local dues. The Villages Region, chartered in 2010, requires that you be a resident of The Villages (a private retirement community). You must also be a national member. Our local membership is now 300. Ownership of a vehicle more than 25 years old (restored or original) is not required, just interest in automotive history. Simply fill out the membership application(s) and mail them in. Reminder: It's time to renew your memberships! Do AACA here.

Next Local Meetings & Events

February TVRAACA Club Meeting (residents & their guests with IDs), is Monday, February 8, at 6 PM, at the Rohan Regional Recreation Center, 850 Kristine Way, The Villages. It's Valentine's Pot Luck.
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Odell Rec Center Map

The Monthly Villages Cruise-In is Saturday, February 20, 4-8 PM, on Main Street, Spanish Springs in The Villages. Open to all vehicles 1980 and older. No entry fee. Trophies and door prizes awarded. TVRAACA goes in at 2 PM.

Club Officers & Directors

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Interim President - Steve Garai -
Interim VP - Wayne Cheeseman -
Secretary - Sue Feinberg -
Treasurer - Don Day -
Public Relations - Vince De Santis -
Membership Director - Harry Herfurth -
Events Director - Open
Hospitality Director - Helena Stone -
Facebook Editor - John Peters -
Newsletter Editor - Open
Website Mechanic - Rich Courmettes -

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